Enough with the ‘white privilege’ guilt-signalling, okay?

Will this never end?

Since ‘white culture’ has failed so miserably, please, someone in the media Left…give us an example of black culture elsewhere, we can hail as virtuous and successful…

…you know, the one so wonderful, so accomplished, so ideal, so perfect, so diverse that immigrants from all over the world are clamoring and racing to get into, at any cost.

Oh, wait…that would still beAMERICA.

Anybody want to guess what CONTINENT is not an immigration top-10 stop? (HINT: Denial’s not just a river in Egypt – or the Continent it flows within.)

We’re not saying the USA is perfect, or that there’s no room for improvement. We’re just saying it’s time for the ‘white privilege’ guilt-signalling to stop, because we wouldn’t be the Number 1 immigration destination if the Left’s wild-eyed claims of racism were true.

Immigrants vote with their feet – We’re Number ONE!

And we’re number one for a reason that includes the efforts of ALL races.

So, instead of the transparent Left attempts to bring up all the bad things in history that occurred…why not look at the good that’s been done by so many, to correct the bad?

Race-hustlers can play their card every day ONLY if we let them. And it has to be tiring to play the endless victim…why let them do that when choices can make a difference?

We’ve come a long way, baby – BlueCollar is proud of what America represents today.

And we won’t let cheap race-hustlers take that away.

God Bless America.

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