Open slap-down for Obama’s court-jester AG, Eric Holder

Obama’s lackey-general…errr…attorney general Holder advises the President ‘to do the right thing’, demanding that Mr. Trump must keep Obama’s unlawful Dream Act…

…evidently oblivious to the fact the ‘right thing’ is respecting our Constitution.

But then, based on Holder’s record…it’s obvious he doesn’t know anything about that.

Noted in a previous blog, Congress makes immigration law…not the president.

Isn’t it odd, the Democrat-controlled Congress didn’t remember that in 2009?

If, as Holder says, enacting such a law was a ‘defining moment’…and yet a Democrat-controlled Congress didn’t, when they could have…then the moment defined them

…and that definition is…GUTLESS.

Never thought Holder would have the courage to expose that.

Or…is he really that oblivious to the logical conclusion of his own thought process?

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