For the Left to triumph, all good men need do is…run scared

“Trump’s Business Councils Dissolve After CEOs Turn Against Him”

Doesn’t take long for rats to desert a ship under fire.

Even the once-vaunted National Review Online is running scared, as daily commentary pits ‘conservative’ pundits against the President…based on FakeNews mendacity.

“Trump’s Disastrous Mishandling of Charlottesville Will Have Consequences”

What mishandling? The President condemned ALL hate and violence…how can that be misconstrued as ‘disastrous mishandling’…unless you read the FakeNews slant on it?

We’d link to more of this ilk, but it sickens us to see NRO cave like this.

Conservatives, businessmen, politicians are too busy running for cover rather than stand up for the truth – Charlottesville was a Left-wing construct, from beginning to end.

How do self-respecting conservatives see an Obamaite like Kessler and a Socialist like Spencer pretend to represent the Right as white supremacists, and not see Reality?

Charlottesville was orchestrated by the Left…plain and simple.


Sadly, it seems congressional Republicans do not have a monopoly on COWARDICE.

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