Why hasn’t Mueller raided DNC and House Democrats for ‘hack’ info?

Special counsel Mueller unleashed the FBI to raid a Trump aide, despite the total lack of evidence justifying such an act…yet ignores groups where proof does justify a raid.

We beg your indulgence for repeating…

This Russia-collusion meme is constructed completely by creation of a Democrat-paid-for ‘dossier’, and by a Democrat-paid-for assessment of a ‘hacked’ DNC server.

The dossier’s a proven Democrat-ally FusionGPS snow-job,  and our U.S. ‘intelligence community’ didn’t perform the ‘hack’ assessment – hand-picked so-called ‘experts’ did.

Guess who hand-picked them (from 3 of the agencies)? Yep…Obama’s DNI director.

Any bets on the partisan leanings of those who were hand-picked?

(If various reports are correct, their assessment was of Democrat-hired CrowdStrike review, not of the servers in question…have you noted a Democrat pattern yet?)

So, we get to the meat of the matter…

Democrats in Congress, and former DNC chair Wasserman Schultz, mishandled their information technology, then refused FBI-CIA server access during the investigation…

…all the while screaming the Russians hacked them, without a shred of evidence, then has the ultimate gall to refuse CIA-FBI access to the servers they claim were hacked.

And the special counsel prompts the FBI raid…on a Trump aide?

Mueller’s task to is to determine Russian involvement and possible collusion, yet to date there’s only proof/evidence of Democrat chicanery; and none against Republicans.

Now comes the left-wing Nation, completely destroying the Russia meme. How much of this must stick against the wall, before Mueller finally investigates the REAL story?

Evidence keeps piling up against Democrats, and you have nothing on the GOP. Raid Hillary, raid the DNC…hell…raid CIA’s Brennan…please, do your job, Mr. Mueller.

Otherwise, you’ve proved President Trump right…you’re on a witch-hunt.

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