(Updated)…because pre-election Republicans ran on ‘Obamacare strangling our economy’

Wendy V takes exception to our ‘overly hasty’ condemnation of Senate Republicans, in their failure to accomplish their 2017 ‘first order of business’…repealing Obamacare.

Wendy – congressional Republicans and hopefuls ran their 2016 campaigns on the fact that Obamacare was the single largest contributing factor to sub-par economic growth.

As a global leader, everything we have, all the power we enjoy, is economically hinged.

Something so vital, so compelling, should command immediate resolution.

We believe breaking that economic strangle-hold shouldn’t be difficult to accomplish in seven months…when they’ve had seven years since it’s inception to plan alternatives.

But then, maybe we suffer from the hard open-mindedness of high expectations.

(UPDATED) If Betsy McCaughey is correct, and the only reason Republicans failed to repeal O’care was due to Medicaid reform, how hard was it to set that part aside?

We reiterate – if Obamacare’s an economy-killer, repeal should’ve been done.


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