Rethinking Mueller post – why a criminal prosecutor running an intelligence investigation?

BlueCollar’s opinion of the Mueller special counsel situation is…evolving.

As new information flows in and details get more, well, detailed, it does beg the question of why a criminal prosecutor of his caliber is special counsel in an intelligence investigation?

Counterintelligence probes of this matter requires an intelligence expert. Attorney General Sessions should insist that such an expert take over the lead, as soon as possible.

If Mueller’s to stay on (which we’re sure will be the caterwauling demand of the unhinged… err, Left), he can, in an advisory role, despite predictable, inevitable protests of the Left.

Common sense dictates it takes an intel-expert to hunt down an intel-expert.

(Besides, with the self-identified leaker Comey as a friend, Mueller is tainted anyway.)

An article at American Greatness is throwing a whole new light on Comey, and what he may have had in the back of his mind when his testimony took on a legalese bent.

If Andy McCarthy’s right and the point was to set up a Trump ‘watch-dog’…

…it’s time to set the record straight, install an AG-Sessions approved counter-intelligence special counsel, and move the ‘watch-dog’ Mueller to an advisory capacity…now.

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