Wholesale GOP killings? Obama set that stage with cop-killings…

It wasn’t of question of ‘If’, only a question of when.

Republicans have joined police as the target of choice for rabid Democrats, and it will only get worse – believe it, we have Barack Obama, activist-in-chief, to thank for this.

Obama whitewashed copkiller assassinations as the inevitable outcome of police violence against blacks, ignoring the fact it’s not one-hundredth of the black-on-black murder rate…

…AND ignoring the fact most blacks killed by police were committing crimes or resisting (most often aggressively) the efforts of police officers to stop them from doing so.

After all, why let facts get in the way…when you can stoke up the ‘victim’ mentality with a little virulent activist jingo thrown in to get the obvious violent reaction you’re looking for?

So, here we are…on the activist American stage set by none other than Obama, and no doubt he’s smirking that little trademark ‘YES!’ grin he’s known for upon hearing the news, that the attack on GOP and police in a park mirrors the play they praise…in another park.

Obama’s the one who id’d Republicans as the Enemy.

Obama’s the one who advised Democrats to bring a gun to the fight.

(Will reasonable Democrats now start mass-exodus from this Party?)

Rush Limbaugh is pointing out how inflammatory the current Democrat leadership has been in their vicious, ‘fight-in-the-streets’ verbal rampages they’ve been verbalizing.

It isn’t just the current Democrats, people, it’s been going on for the last Obama decade.

Forget ‘Katie bar the door’ Rush…for this defensive, now it’s ‘Katie get your gun’ time.

This is getting very ugly folks.

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