Don’t fire Mueller, just re-task his investigation

BCP believes that special counsel Mueller should be re-tasked, for three reasons.

First, reports indicate intel agencies have been conducting investigations for 11 months;  as of this date, not one shred of evidence supports there was collusion with Russia, and Comey himself just testified that there’s no evidence…which justifies closing the case.

(Let’s face it – if there was hard intel that supported the Trump-Russia collusion meme, the deepstate leakers within the intelligence community would’ve leaked it by now, especially considering the hostility Comey, a self-identified leaker, seems to feel for this President.)

Second, while Mueller is being touted as ‘Mr. Impartiality’ within the DC beltway, there’s a legitimate skepticism of that title with his many Democrat-friendly assistants he’s hired; one of them, in the not too distant past, very notably a Clinton Foundation lawyer.

(It doesn’t take a political science degree to see where this would end up going.)

Rehashing the FBI’s one-year investigation-to-nowhere achieves no purpose, other than to keep Democrats happy by antagonizing the President, keeping him under a cloud.

But, even if the President doesn’t exert his privilege and dismiss Mueller, he can cut back the scope of Mueller’s activities, since Comey himself admitted no collusion is evident.

And, dismissing Mueller would send the Left into a screaming rage (admittedly, we enjoy the thought of that, but sadly, it would further seed a Democrat-media cloud of suspicion).

But since Comey exposed himself as a leaker, it doesn’t take a huge leap of logic to see that any FBI investigations of leaking were probably not carried out…too aggressively.

The Justice Dept should narrow Mueller’s scope to investigating 1) where the leaks came from, and 2) to what extent Obama-era illegal unmasking of American citizens was done.

Which leads to the third reason (our favorite, by the way)…

It would keep a cloud of suspicion over Democrats for a while, tho considering the lineup of Democrats working with Mueller, we have no doubt that investigation would end fast.

(Update) Problem is, he’s a buddy of Comey’s, so there’s conflict of interest issues.

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