If not indict, at least impeach…

Evidently, according to the current DC mindset, being a political opponent when one is a Democrat means never being prosecuted…regardless of unlawful activities.

Hillary Clinton broke federal laws while Secretary of State, but because she’s got a (D) after her name (and because Obama violated the same laws), wasn’t indicted.

Obama weaponized American intelligence agencies against Republicans, and was exposed as doing so this last week, but what the GOP will do about is unknown.

In both cases, if the Justice Dept doesn’t indict them, Congress should at least impeach Clinton and Obama, as well as any other guilty political appointees.

Why? Because as elected public officials, they violated the public trust, one of the most egregious acts a duly-elected public official can be guilty of committing.

Both are provably, demonstrably guilty…we know it, and they know it.

Once impeached, they can never again “…hold and enjoy any office, trust or profit under the United States…”, and that’s the least they should be made to endure.

And it at least would be some comfort to those Americans whose trust was violated.

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