It’s obvious that obstructing Republicans from governing is their plan

While everyone gets down in the weeds over whether the President misspoke here, or mis-stepped there, the fact is even if all were perfect this deranged attack will continue.

The sham-stream media and their lapdog Democrats don’t care about Comey, don’t care about Flynn, and sure as hell don’t care about Trump…they care about losing control.

So, it won’t matter what cowed Republicans do to appease these unhinged lunatics, it will never stop until they regain that control, and drive a scattered GOP into the woods.

The deep-state Obama-ite leakers are given cover by the media; until they’re flushed from the undergrowth, the only alternative to ending this madness is to focus on the enablers…

…the sham-stream media.

If Republicans are to govern, this madness must end. A good offense is the best defense

So, where the law allows, publishing classified leaks should be answered with a swift frog-march of journalists doing so, into halls of justice to be held accountable for their crimes, and if they refuse to reveal deep-state leaker sources…throw away their cell key.

We also suggest the Clinton illegal email activity investigation be re-opened.

There’s all sorts of ways to drain a swamp.

Finally, idiot Republicans better get behind Trump, because this isn’t just about him…and the sooner they realize it’s a campaign against the entire GOP, the better off we’ll be.

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