Rush Limbaugh is wrong…the Right does have a ’cause’

Rush was talking about how unswerving the Left is because their ideology is their cause.

But, then he says the Right doesn’t have a cohesive cause, that we don’t have the same type of ideological agenda┬áthat puts us forever on the front lines forcing it on others.

We disagree…the Right has a cause: honoring individual Liberty, and the Rule of Law. And its that belief in Liberty of the individual that precludes relentlessly forcing it upon others.

That restraint doesn’t work with the Left, because they don’t want individual Liberty. So, in pushing their agenda relentlessly they’re freed from the bonds such a principle inflicts.

The problem with Rush’s thinking is that he addresses the Left’s tactics as a cohesive cause, but really, their overarching cause is Control, or an anti-Individual-Liberty agenda.

Their tactics must, by definition, allow whatever methods are necessary for Control.

The Right’s cause, by definition, restrains from the lawlessness the Left’s cause allows.

Sucks to be Us, but then at least we’re not like Them.


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