The real reason a ‘non-politician’ was elected President?

How important is a sense of order, a sense of values, in your life?

While the dilettantes deliberate and the politicians pontificate over the November elections, BlueCollar has a grip on what we believe to be the essence of it all…

…people saw Mr. Trump as their only hope for order in the chaos.

We watched a lawless president, Obama, with his lawless cohort, Democrats, try to place a deathgrip on our Nation’s throat, in the name of their ideological perversion.

We watched a feckless GOP Congress fail to uphold their constitutional oath.

And we said ‘ENOUGH’.

Our Nation was built on integrity, to respect a document…the Constitution. From the halls of Congress to the streets of Baltimore, we saw that integrity disintegrating.

Consciously or subconsciously, we voted for a return to The Rule of Law. We saw our political system broken, and realized only someone like Mr. Trump could fix it.

His election was a manifestation of the desire to see order returned to our system, to hold government accountable. Without accountability, the Rule of Law can’t exist.

American Exceptionalism, that resides in a people granting the power of governing to a leader, resulted in a Trump election – ‘cuz the alternative was crime as usual.

Navel gaze if you will, but we believe it’s as simple as this…

…honorable people wanted a return to INTEGRITY…and values.

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