The brilliance of the electoral process design…states are people too

The Left’s caterwauling increases with a looming Electoral College vote mid-Dec.

They rant about the ‘popular vote’, which appears to have been won by Hillary Clinton, claiming that Trump is illegitimate since he didn’t get the majority of votes.

But, set aside the fact illegal immigration and sanctuary locales are a breeding ground for voter fraud; forget the fact that dead people have cast votes in the past.

Every state IS decided by popular vote, and Trump won a clear majority of those states…as an ‘invisible entity’, states need representation just as much as citizens.

Legislation favoring highly populated states could hurt lesser populated states…

…a ‘tyranny of the minority’ (of states) would be an inevitable result.

National elections can only have national consequences if every state is given an opportunity for skin in the game; the brilliance of the electoral process does that.

The Founders recognized each state as an entity that needed protection just as much as citizens did…the electoral process is a mechanism that makes it happen.

And, take note – corporations are given ‘special entity status’ in law.

You can bet the Sham-stream media would scream bloody murder if their corporate protections were removed…

…yet they fuel the ‘popular-vote’ rant that would strip states of protection?

The irony drips…

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