Recount futility is just the Left’s attempt to paint Trump as illegitimate

With Michigan favoring Trump, his electoral total is now 306. It takes 270 to win.

So, the Left fever-swamp screams for recounts in Michigan (16 electoral votes), Wisconsin (10 electoral votes), and Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes).

Even if recounts could negate 11,000 Michigan votes, or 27,000 Wisconsin votes (both highly unlikely), Trump would still win with 280 electoral votes.

In the Left’s recount madness, Pennsylvania (with 20 electoral votes) is key…but Trump won that state by 68,200 votes. 68,200 votes, people.

No way a recount negates 68,200 votes: Trump still has 280…Trump wins…

So, what’s the point?

Many doubt a recount can be done before the electoral vote…Trump wins…

So, what’s the point?

If a recount isn’t done in time, a Congress GOP chooses…Trump wins…

So, what’s the point?

Smearing Trump as illegitimate seems the only thing the Left gains with such tactics.


Trump can negate their effort, by demanding a recount of Minnesota (lost by 43.8k votes), Maine (lost by 20k votes), and New Hampshire (lost by 2.8k votes)…

…thus, Hillary’s electoral count is illegitimate.

Even if Democrats maintain such recounts aren’t feasible because those totals have been certified, Trump can dismiss their claims using another Democrat tactic…

… where they claim ‘seriousness of the charge offsets the nature of the evidence.’

Lest we forget, when it comes to acting, even in political theater…

…Trump is the Maestro.

Let the games begin.

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