Election results over last 4 cycles show clear trend of rejecting Democrat policy

2010, 2012, 2014, 2016…Congressional gains, Governor-ship gains, state Legislature gains, prove a clear, relentless trend of rejecting Liberal policy.

For all the whining that the 2016 election was an aberration, the trend lines don’t lie.

As Rush Limbaugh notes, since 2010 “the Democrat Party is down 1500 elected offices all over the country, not to mention the declining fundraising.”

Add to that the 6 additional states Trump would have won if a Libertarian candidate hadn’t been on the ballot, and you’re looking at a HUGE Republican mandate.

But don’t expect the Liberal mainstream media to let up on their deceptive mantra.

Bottom line…this Nation has never had such a majority of GOP┬ástate legislatures and governors, and if that, along with Trump’s win, isn’t enough proof, nothing is.

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