Shutdowns that were chaos, now OK? What was, then…isn’t…now…?

Liberal reader Samson G complains that calling the looming budget crisis a Schumer-Shutdown is a misnomer if Republicans control the process, but he’s wrong.

Republicans are in power but a Senate budget deal needs 60 votes, and the GOP at 51 members is 9 short of that necessity, meaning Democrats must help in order to avert a shutdown…judging by Schumer’s insistence on inserting DACA, that ain’t happenin’.

Face it – if 60 is the magic Senate number, Republicans do NOT ‘control the process’.


Democrats raged against Republicans in 2013 when they tried to add O’care issues to the budget process, claiming it was wrong to add non-fiscal, non-financial issues.

Guess what?

The White House Budget Director was probably not the right person to call out on the issue of why Mick Mulvaney called the looming situation the ‘Schumer Shutdown’.

‘Cuz what Democrats are trying to do this time is what they condemned in 2013.

DACA is a ‘non-fiscal, non-financial’ issue. And, as Mick Mulvaney pointed out with pin-point, devastating accuracy today answering a CNN reporter, on top of that, the DACA program isn’t set to expire until March 05…it’s a non-critical issue, being politicized.

And, if memory serves, wasn’t it Democrats in the much-reported Trump meeting that spoke of a ‘clean’ DACA deal? (Clean, as in, not lumped in with other issues.) On so many levels, with so many contributing factors, Democrats OWN this shut-down.

So if Democrat Chuck Schumer makes DACA a deal-breaker, it’s HIS shutdown.

All hypocrisy aside, Chucky baby…it’s the SCHUMER SHUTDOWN.

Can a state attorney general be arrested for criminal harassment of businesses that follow federal law?

Xavier Becerra should already be under indictment for his criminal negligence while in Congress, but if not, then his latest threats against businesses might get him there…

“California Threatens To Prosecute Businesses That Cooperate With ICE”

Right – like businesses that comply with federal law would be, what? Anarchy?

Someone should ask Becerra when he crowned himself national security arbiter, given  his historic failure while a California congressman running the Democrat Caucus.

(Make no mistake, illegal immigration threatens national security.)

Is it too much to ask Democrats who threaten to enforce the law…

…to actually comply with laws themselves?

If FISA-abuses w-fake dossier caused collusion probe, should it be shut down?

When do two ‘wrongs’ make a ‘right’?

When Democrats create fake info to illegally get FISA warrants to spy on Republicans.

So, here we are…fake opposition research by a political party IN POWER AT THE TIME is used to get surveillance on an opposition party (an illegal act, by the way), and even now after 18 months of investigation, no evidence is found of a crime…

…and – yet – this special counsel investigating what didn’t happen still exists?

We admit being torn – on the one hand, Mueller’s fake investigation is costing American taxpayers millions of dollars, a blatant waste of money, but, then…on the other hand…

…huge amounts of evidence of Democrat crimes are being exposed as a result.

Any sane lawyer – when exposed at this level of hypocrisy – would run for the door.

What’s a Mueller to do?

If FISA-abuses were committed, they MUST be revealed

If anyone poses the concept that Americans would ‘lose trust’ in the federal gov’t. if the Obama administration abuses in the FISA program were revealed as fact, that’s an argument which simply can’t be given any credibility – given the seriousness of the acts.

And the hypocrisy will be that the same Liberals making such an argument are the ones now trying their best to bring down a sitting President…by any vile means necessary.

Besides, since when does a POLITICAL crime deserve a veil of modesty?

Sorry, that barn’s already burned down.

Democrats and their media masters created a huge lack of confidence in federal gov’t over the last year, if not the 8 years prior, and that crap can’t be put back in the cow.

The truth needs to be told; the perpetrators need to be exposed.



What’s changed to make the ‘Schumer Shutdown’ okay now, Chuck?

Democrat Senator Schumer said, in 2013, a shutdown would create ‘governmental chaos’, mocking the idea of allowing a shutdown simply to force illegal alien amnesty.

Now, with a continuing resolution containing items Democrats agree with, they instead warn that the Senate Democrats will vote against it, forcing governmental chaos.

So, what’s changed for Democrats to now support the ‘Schumer Shutdown’? Are they really willing to hold federal government hostage, to push an unrelated DACA issue?

Rush Limbaugh mentions his disgust about the ever-repetitive ‘shutdown’ kerfuffle, but the problem isn’t that Democrats do it every time…the problem is that it works for them.

But something’s different this time Rush…the President’s Twitter fingers are poised.

Yessir…there’s a new Sheriff in town.

Can’t wait to see how Mr. Trump deals with the Schumer Shutdown.

Tax-Cut Economics101

If 5 million Americans each got a $1,000 bonus as a result of the Republican tax cuts…

  • At a tax rate of 15%, it adds $750 million in tax revenue for the gov’t. this year

If just 20 million Americans kept an extra $200 in their pay each month…

  • At a tax rate of 15%, it adds $7.2 billion in tax revenue for the gov’t. next year

Now, consider the purchases made by those who get the bonuses, and the additional buying power of those who get a fatter paycheck. Think of the businesses affected, that have to replenish product, make new product, expand their services to accommodate.

The jobs created to meet those demands, the new tax revenue flowing into the federal government from those jobs, expanded businesses profits, all adding to the revenue.

That’s why the Democrats don’t want you to know the success of tax-cuts…

…and why FakeNews will continue their silence over improved economic conditions.

Trump ‘Collusioners’ never talk about what specific media articles swayed voters to him

Behind all the hype about Russia collusion are two salient facts…

…the demented pushing this claim have never produced one iota of proof showing that President Trump, as a candidate, criminally colluded – or the item/s that swayed voters.

What we have instead is overwhelming proof that Obama, Hillary, her campaign in toto, and the DNC did conspire with Russians, often…and data which backs up that fact.

  • Congressional testimony of participants;
  • FBI, CIA, and NSA testimony;
  • FusionGPS opposition research file;
  • FISA warrants issued illegally to unlawfully surveille an election campaign.

So, Attorney General Sessions…let the DEMOCRAT indictments begin.

Democrats today proved deepstate FISA-warrant abuses were committed

It’s been reported that the House Intelligence Committee passed a motion to allow the entire House an opportunity to view the report on alleged FISA-warrant abuses today.

Democrats on that committee voted against the motion, which pretty much confirms the speculation that deep-state Democrat actors did use the fake dossier to spy on Trump.

Another proof? Leaker-of-the-House Schiff would’ve made damn sure any details that refuted the FISA abuse allegations were leaked…and there hasn’t been a peep.

Would it be wrong to wish for a GOP leaker, for a change?